5 Of The Best Dogs For Allergy Sufferers

Dogs make great pets, but what if you suffer from allergies? In this blog we look at how you to choose the best dog for people who suffer from allergies.

Warm blooded animals shed materials like loose skin flakes and hairs called dander. This is similar to dandruff in humans and is the cause of allergic reactions. Dander tends to collect in animals fur and can become trapped in carpets, clothes and furniture. It can become airborne if you pet or groom a dog. Each breed of dog produces a unique dander and certain breeds can trigger allergies in humans. The allergies manifest themselves as cold like symptoms or as swollen and itchy eyes. This unpleasant sensation puts allergy sufferers off of owning a dog, but as it turns out there are a host of hypoallergenic dogs that lower the risk of allergic reactions in humans. Here are some of the most popular hypoallergenic breeds:

1) Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs are a fairly rare breed, but have risen in popularity since Barack Obama became the owner of a pair called Bo and Sunny. They are a working dog originally used by fishermen to herd fish into nets. Closely related to poodles, they have curly coats, are highly intelligent, don’t shed hairs and have webbed feet for swimming, growing to between 17 and 23 inches tall and weigh 16 to 23 kg. Their hair is wavier than a poodle’s tightly curled hair and they are generally brown, black and sometimes have some white markings. As working dogs they require a fair amount of exercise, and are very loyal to their owners. Their fur will need regular trimming.

2) Basenji

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, Basenjis are a small African hunting dogs with short coats, pointed ears, a curled tail and a unique bark, making them known as the bark less dog. Originally used for hunting, they are very loyal, but aloof with strangers. They have white feet, chests and tail tips and usually have red, black, brindle or tricolour fur. They grow to stand at about 16-18 inches at the shoulder and weigh up 9-11 kgs.

3) Bichon Frisé

This white powder puff breed are famed for their merry temperament and playful nature. They have a medium length curly coat that requires grooming every six to eight weeks. A small dog at roughly 9-12 inches tall and 5-10kg in weight. They make great family dogs due to their playful nature, their love of human company and get on well with other animals. They are a very active dog and require regular exercise.

4) Italian Greyhound

These small greyhounds date back 2000 years and make excellent companion dogs. They are very good around humans and are gentle,playful and highly intelligent. Their fur is typically black,blue, red and fawn and they grow to around 13-15 inches tall. Their short coat is almost odourless and requires little grooming. Being an instinctive dog, they require a lot of exercise.

5) Havanese

This happy, outgoing non-aggressive long-haired toy breed makes a perfect family dog. Originally from Cuba, they were traditionally lapdogs and make strong bonds with their owners. They grow to about 9-11 inches tall, come in a host of colours and are suitable for any size of home. They thrive on attention are hugely affectionate and trainable. Their coat doesn’t shed, but it does require regular grooming.

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