Best Toys For Puppies

Toys are great for puppies. Not only are they fun and keep your pup occupied, but in playing with them they help to develop them physically, mentally and can help with training. They can build a dog/human bond, they can help calm and settle and they can provide mental stimulation.

Tug toys

If you’ve ever come across puppies before you’ll know that they love tug games. Tug toys are also a great way to teach “leave it” behaviour. If you apply some rules to play then it can be beneficial to training these are:

  • Your puppy must let go when you ask it to.

  • Your puppy’s teeth must never come in contact with human skin.

If your pup follows these rules reward them with a treat. Good examples of tug toys are the Chaser Toys Bungee Fur, the Tough Tugz Ultimate Tug Ring and Tuffy’s Red Paw Print Ultimate Ring Tug Toy.

Retrieve toys

Dogs love to retrieve balls, sticks and frisbees, even if they’re not retriever breeds. They can spend hours fetching and it can be great reinforcement of “leave it” training. Try out something like a Chuckit Max Glow Ball or a Biosafe Puppy Ball.

Treat dispensing toys

Treat dispensing toys are a great way to help your inquisitive puppy work out it’s reasoning ability. Made of rubber or plastic with a hollow centre that can be filled with treats, these toys get your puppy chewing on the right things and can keep them occupied for long periods. Some toys are more difficult to get treats out of than others, so it might require more thought from your puppy.Watching your dog realise that they can get treats out of their toy can be most amusing. Good treat dispensing toys include the Kong Puppy Activity Ball and the Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball.

Squeaky toys

Squeaky toys are great for keeping your dog occupied, but as with any new toy you’ll have to show your pup what it is and how to interact with it. Once your pup realises how to play with a squeaky it allows your time to put your feet up, because your pup will be occupied, it can be used to help in training and it can help create good habits. Good squeak toys include Little Rascals Sock Monkey Puppy Toy or a Trixie Toy Dog Sheep.

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