Best Toys For Puppies

Toys are great for puppies. Not only are they fun and keep your pup occupied, but in playing with them they help to develop them physically, mentally and can help with training. They can build a dog/human bond, they can help calm and settle and they can provide mental stimulation. Tug toys If you’ve ever […]

The Best Food For Puppies

Puppies may be loads of fun and cute as a button, but as they grow it’s important to make sure that they are fed properly because they need an essential range of nutrients to ensure they grow up to be strong and healthy. The special nutritional needs of a puppy are different to that of […]

Best Dogs For Senior Citizens

With an ageing population, more old people are looking for companionship in dogs. There are a lot of dog breeds that suit lower activity lifestyles and in this blog we look at some of the best breeds for senior citizens. Cocker Spaniel A medium sized breed, Cocker Spaniels are famous for their affection, loyalty and […]

5 Of The Best Dogs For Allergy Sufferers

Dogs make great pets, but what if you suffer from allergies? In this blog we look at how you to choose the best dog for people who suffer from allergies. Warm blooded animals shed materials like loose skin flakes and hairs called dander. This is similar to dandruff in humans and is the cause of […]

5 Of The Biggest Dog Breeds

Dogs are everywhere and are a common sight everywhere you go, but there are some unusal breeds around. Have you seen these five large breeds before? Great Dane The majestic Great Dane is a working dog originally bred for hunting wild boar, though in modern times they have become companion dogs. They are short coated […]