Everything You Need To Know About The American Xl Bully Dog Ban In The UK


As of 31 December, American XL bully dogs in the UK will be required to be leashed and muzzled in public. Additionally, breeding, selling, advertising, gifting, exchanging, or abandonment of these dogs will be illegal.

Dog Owner's Responsibilities

Owners of American XL bully dogs will need to register their pets, ensure they are neutered, muzzled, and leashed in public. Owners are also required to have insurance for their dogs.

Breed Definition

The American XL bully is not recognized as a specific breed by The Kennel Club in the UK. It is defined differently by American kennel clubs, often as a crossbreed.

Challenges in Defining the Breed

Identifying a banned breed is based on lists of characteristics, which can be challenging and potentially lead to misclassification.

Enforcing The Ban

Officials will collaborate with veterinarians, dog experts, police, and NGOs to develop an appropriate breed definition for enforcement.

Already Banned Breeds

In the UK, ownership of certain breeds is already prohibited, including the pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, dogo Argentino, and fila Brasileiro.

Consequences of Owning a Banned Dog

The police or local council can confiscate a banned dog, even if it is not acting dangerously. Legal proceedings will determine the dog's fate.

Possible Penalties

Owners of banned dogs can face fines, imprisonment, and the dog's destruction if they are convicted of the crime.

Exemption for Some Dogs

Some banned dogs can be placed on the Index of Exempted Dogs and kept by their owners under certain conditions, including neutering, microchipping, and insurance.

Responsibilities of Dog Owners with Exemptions

Owners of exempted dogs must comply with specific conditions such as leash and muzzle use, maintaining insurance, and updating the Index of Exempted Dogs about changes.

Final Verdict

In summary, the ban on American XL bully dogs in the UK aims to enhance public safety while offering owners options for compliance and exemption under specific conditions.

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