Surprising Things Your Dog Can Sense About You

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"I Have Found That When You Are Deeply Troubled There Are Things You Get From The Silent Devoted Companionship Of A Dog That You Can Get From No Other Source." - Doris Day

For Centuries People Have Been Turning Towards Dogs For Love Affection And Companionship. Dogs Are Perceptive Emotional And Wise. Though Their Brains Are Not As Sharp As Us Dogs Understand If Their Masters Are Feeling Weak - Emotionally Or Physically.

Dr. Stanley Coren Author Of 'The Intelligence Of Dogs' States That A Dog'S Mind Is Same As A Two-Year-Old Baby. However They Also Are Socially Aware Of Everything Around. So They Are Probably The First To Notice Any Change In The Master'S Behavior .

Dogs Can Sense When You'Re Down. Research In Animal Cognition Journal Shows They Approach Sad Or Depressed People. They Sense Grief

It Doesn'T Matter If The Person Is The Owner Or A Stranger They Have An Ability To Detect Sadness And Are Attracted To Troubled Souls. Animal Experts Though Aren'T Sure If This Can Be Classified As Empathy.

They Understand When Ignored Dogs Can Easily Tell When You'Re Playing Favorites And If You Reward Or Play More With Other Pets Your Dog Might Notice And Feel Insecure.

Dogs May Get Depressed If Neglected Compared To Other Pets Leading To Behaviors Like Scratching Yawning And Excessive Licking As Per The Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences.

They Know When Priorities Shift

Pets May Feel Neglected When A New Baby Arrives Causing Distress As Attention Shifts A Common Scenario In Many Households.

Dr. Coren Suggests Wrapping The Baby In A Swaddling Blanket And Placing It Where The Dog Sleeps. This Way Your Pet Will Associate The Baby With A Scent It Already Likes And Will Learn To Be Comfortable Around The New Member.

They Smell Fear Imagine Facing Your Worst Fear. Would You Run Or Confront It? Remember Your Reaction Sets An Example For Your Pet.

Research Shows That Dogs Enact Their Master'S Responses In Drastic Situations. Unless You Have A German Shepherd Or A Doberman Pinscher If You Are Scared Of Something And Choose To Back Away Chances Are Your Pet Will Do The Same.

They Detect Health Problems Not Many Believe This But Your Dog May Have More In Common With Your Physician Than You Can Imagine.

We'Ve All Known That Dogs Have A Strong Sense Of Smell And That Is A Million Times Better Than Humans. In Addition To Sniffing Thugs And Criminals Dogs Can Detect Fatal Conditions That Can Affect Health.

Research Shows That Dogs Can Detect Odors Emitted By Various Cancers. If Your Dog Shows Interest In A Mole Rash Or Breathes Frequently Consider A Visit To The Doctor.

Dogs Can Sense Your Anger And May Act Submissive To Calm You Down. Recent Research Suggests They Don'T Feel Guilt Or Cower When Lectured.